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Hunter College Concert Bureau Collection


Images of posters and programs providing press and publicity for musical concerts, lectures, and readings that were part of the seasonal events of the Hunter College Concert Bureau between 1943-1976.


Digitized images of posters and programs of the Hunter College Concert Bureau from 1943-1975.


Philip Swan, Hunter College Archives


Hunter College Concert Bureau Collection: Hunter College Archives and Special Collections Accession Number 92-11, 37.5 cu. ft.


Hunter College Archives and Special Collections



Collection Items

1942 Hunter College Concert Gala
Gala participating artists: Kurt Baum (Tenor, Metropolitan Opera), Karin Branzell (Mezzo Soprano, Metropolitan Opera), Emanuel Feuermann (Cellist), Ernst Fischer (Baritone), Emanuel List (Basso, Metropolitan Opera), Erica Morini (Violinist),…

1942 Hunter College Gala Concert
Participating artists: Zinka Milanov (Soprano, Metropolitan Opera), Emanuel List (Basso, Metropolitan Opera), Suzanne Sten (Mezzo Soprano, Chicago & San Francisco Operas), Prince George Chavchavadze (Pianist), Ivan Petrov (Chicago and San Francisco…

Gala Concert for the Student Aid Fund
Gala Concert for the Student Aid Fund held at the Hunter College Assembly Hall, arranged by the Hunter College Concert Committee, Dr. George N. Shuster President. Arrangements for the Concert by Benno M. Lee, Executive Director of the Hunter College…

The Abduction From the Seraglio; A Comic Opera in three Acts by W.A. Mozart
Concert held in the Hunter College Auditorium under the direction of Walter Ducloux (Conductor) and Hans Busch (Stage Director)

Program for the 1942 Student Aid Gala
Program: The National Anthem by The Hunter College Choir and Audience; The Hunter College Choir performing pieces by Handel, Brahms, and Wagner; George Chavchavadze (Pianist) performing pieces by Chopin and Liszt; Zinka Milanov (Met Opera)…

Festival of Viennese Music for the Benefit of Hunter College Student Aid
Young America Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Beatrice J. Brown; Guest Conductor Erno Rapee (Radio City Music Hall); Soloists Anne Roselle (Soprano, Met Opera) and Jan Peerce (Tenor, Met Opera). Pieces by W.A. Mozart, Franz Schubert, and…

Lectures given by Albert Bassermann for the Student Aid Fund
Lectures by Albert Bassermann with contributions by Else Bassermann on works by Shakespeare, Schiller, Lessing, Ibsen, Baring and Thoma.

Gala Concert II
Gala Concert performed in the Hunter College Assembly Hall

1943 Gala Concert
Participating Artists: Rosa Bok (Soprano Met Opera); Karin Branzell (Soprano Met Opera); Irene Jessner (Soprano Met Opera), Kurt Baum (Tenor Met Opera) and Herbert Janssen (Baritone Met Opera)

Evening Lecture of Albert Bassermann
Evening lecture given by Albert Bassermann with Else Bassermann and Theo Goetz. Topics included works by Shakespeare, Goethe, Schiller, Lessing, Baring, and Thoma.
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